543 unique 1/1, hand-drawn pixel art NFTs. A community experiment on Solana.

Minted 100%


Let’s run a little experiment. Drop 543 popular figures who have shaped the world as we know it on the Solana blockchain and let the decentralised public decide their value. 

Where to buy?

SolStars are a collection of 543 unique hand-drawn pixelated characters, stored and secured on the Solana chain through proof-of-ownership. Each character is unique and 1 of 1 drawn by hand.

SolStars were priced between 0.5 to 5 SOL at launch. Prices varied per character subject to perceived popularity. We ultimately wanted the decentralised public to decide the SolStars value. 

1-7% royalties will be applied to all secondary sales. This varies per individual SolStar. We believe it is important NFT artists are fairly compensated and will use these funds for future development to grow the project and drops to the community. A percentage of our royalties will also go to a charity chosen by our community.

There is only 543 SolStars and each one is completely unique. We are unique, unlike the alternative 10,000 algorithmically generated NFTs which currently flood the market.

Minting new SolStars has finished. They are now available to buy on the approved secondary marketplaces above.

An exclusive Ticket into the Solana NFT ecosystem offering:

  • NFT airdrops from new up and coming NFT projects
  • NFT Giveaways from some of the most exclusive projects in the Solana market.
  • Pre-sale and Whitelist for future NFT projects who have yet to mint.
  • Deflationary utility – royalties from resales will be used to periodically purchase SolStars off the floor.
  • Tickets can be redeemed to swap your own existing SolStar for a new one, not in our collection of 543
  • Owners of our original 543 SolStars automatically already have the same privileges as those offered by our Golden Tickets (apart from the redemption point).

A limited collection of 50 3D SolStars derived from popular figures in the main and original collection of 543

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